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Jacalyn Amrine DC at Eagle Relief Care Chiropractic is now accepting appointments for Erchonia’s FDA-approved Zerona laser treatment for the safe and effective non-invasive circumferential reduction of the waist, hips and thighs. 

The Zerona emits neither heat nor cold—in fact, you can’t even feel it. The Zerona laser creates a pore in fat cells, fat leaks out and the fat is then processed by the body as waste.  The cell is not destroyed and can still secrete beneficial hormones. 

During a double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-site clinical trial, clients treated with the Zerona laser lost an average of 3.72 inches from their waists, hips and thighs without any dietary changes, exercise requirements or supplements. After multiple double-blind studies, Zerona has been given FDA 510(k) market clearance for overall body circumference reduction.


Zerona Z6 is a non-invasive fat loss laser.  The Zerona is a low-level laser device emitting a wavelength at 635 nm with an output power that distinguishes Zerona as a class IIIB laser. What sets it apart from the rest is the amount of studies which have proved its efficacy.  There have been numerous histologic investigations and a placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind, multisite study which resulted in Zerona coming out independently as a viable and therapeutic strategy for the circumferential reduction on the waist, hips, and thighs.  

The 635-nm LLT Zerona laser penetrates the first few millimeters of fat, which causes a cytochrome oxidize enzyme interaction. This creates a temporary pore in the fat cells.  From there, the intercellular fat found within the cell is released into the interstitial space which is regulated by the lymphatic system.  The lymph nodes use macrophages, a type of white blood cell, to break down the fat by way of an enzyme.  This specific enzyme breaks down triglycerides and cholesterol.  From here the body processes the contents through the liver and kidneys and gets rid of the final excess waste.  The result of this process is the fat cells are shrunk instead of being killed.  

When it is used to cosmetically to target fat cells, the Zerona procedure creates an overall body slimming effect can can be used to reduce fat in your waist, chest, pecs, back, neck, arms, thighs, hips, ankles, and more!

Dr. Jacalyn Amrine comments, “Zerona is the future of effective body contouring without surgery. We are delighted to offer our clients a non-invasive body-contouring option with impressive, proven results. Clients can continue their daily routines immediately following a Zerona treatment, and there is no downtime, pain or negative side effects associated whatsoever.”  

Dr. Jacalyn Amrine recommends a variety of treatment plans depending on your specific needs and goals.  They range from six Zerona treatments, one forty-minute treatment every other day for two weeks, or two Zerona treatments for three weeks, with a follow up of one Zerona treatment a week for two weeks consecutive.   

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Our goal is to get you the best results possible.  In order to do so we would like to give some guidance on how to make that happen.  

  • Total calorie intake: Adult females generally need somewhere between 1,600 and 2,000 calories per day (depending on age and activity level) to maintain a healthy weight, whereas males need between slightly more, between 2,000 and 2,800.  
  • Food Choices:  While there are arguments about high-protein and low-carb or high-carb, low-protein one answer is definitely clear, natural food sources are better than processed ones.
  • Eating behaviors:  If there is already a type of eating schedule or diet that works for you than we encourage you to continue.  Regardless each person should participate in either a diet, fast, or cleanse. If you don’t know what to do I would encourage the practice of intermittent fasting, which is fasting for 16 hours and eating during an 8 hour window.  Another option is eating 5-6 small meals a day which spreads the calories out over time, enabling the body to use them more efficiently versus storing them as fat.  Eliminating fatty snacks, processed foods, high-fat meals, and alcohol during your treatments will give your kidneys, liver, and lymphatic system the ability to purge excess fat from your body after each treatment.  A recommended program after said treatments can be found in the book “Eat Fat Get Thin”.  If you choose to drink alcohol or coffee you must add a minimum 8 ounces of water per drink.
  • Physical Activity: For normal living it is recommended to participate in an exercise programs between 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, or an equivalent mix of the two each week.  However the minimum we encourage during this process is at least a 30 minute walk a day throughout your treatment and for one week after.  This helps pump the lymphatic system to remove the excess fat from the blood stream.  Other activities you could participate in to help with said pumping of the lymphatic system is yoga, stretching, massage, and pilates.  If you have purchased the package plan with a session of the Whole Body Vibration Plate you will do so after your treatment.  
  • Hydrate:  This is by far in my opinion the most important.  If you do not drink enough water the body has no way to process out the fat.  If the fat is not pumped through the lymph system and processed out of the body then the body will reabsorb it back into the adipose cells.  We really don’t want to that to happen!!!  We are asking you drink 1/2 ounce of water per body weight pound, with a minimum 67 ounces per day (2 liters).  This is basically half your body weight.  If you are curious on how much you should be drinking we will figure it out with you on your first visit.  
  • Supplements:  If we talked prior to and you have decided to purchase and do the CURVA supplements or our Modere protocol then you should start taking it one week prior and continue for minimum of one week after.