About Us

If you are looking at our website you have already made a small step in the direction of an alternative and holistic form of healthcare.  We know that in Eagle there are a number of chiropractors to choose from and we thank you for choosing us!  In today’s society there tends to be focus on a quick fix, covering up the symptoms through medication rather than discovering and correcting the source of the problem.  This can bring temporary relief; however, the source of the problem was not addressed, so once the medication wears off the symptoms return.  The amazing thing about the human body is that it does not want to be in pain, it wants to be healthy.  The pain and/or discomfort a person feels is the only way the body knows to communicate.  In our office we detect and correct subluxations within the spine and extremities, returning proper function to the skeletal system which allows the nervous system to perform correctly  This allows your body, a self-healing organism, to begin the process of healing. 

No two people are the same, therefore each patient is going to be treated based on their individual needs.  Many chiropractors today create treatment plans for their patients, but here each patient is assessed on a visit to visit basis.  Some patients respond quicker to care, while others take longer to heal.  Others utilize our knowledge and expertise in additional aids to help increase or maintain their bodies ability to function and heal, whether it be nutrition, exercise, low level laser therapy, essential oils, supplements, our Daily Health Update, etc.

Whether you are a day old or over one hundred it is never too late to begin receiving chiropractic care.  It is truly amazing what the body is able to accomplish when you give it the tools in order to do so.  We truly love what you do, providing our patients a non-invasive form of healthcare.  Daily we see people have their lives changed through our adjustments and their bodies natural ability to heal.  It gives us joy to know the positive impact we have on people’s lives and there is no where else we would rather be.  Please join our chiropractic family and allow us to start taking care of you.  Remember it is never too late to take charge of your health!  Let the healing process begin!

It is always important to know who is going to be taking care of your health and well-being.  Please allow us to introduce ourselves!

If this is your first time considering going to the chiropractor, we want you to know that we are dedicated to helping you receive the most comfortable and effective treatment available! In the meantime, check out our Chiropractic FAQ below to learn more about the basics of chiropractic care.