Infrared Saunas

Far Infrared has the power to heal the body

Far infrared is part of the sun’s invisible light spectrum that is essential to plants, animals and humans. Infrared heat is a form of energy that penetrates the body by warming muscles and tissue directly without heating the intervening air. The body produces infrared energy to keep us warm and repair body tissue. Far infrared energy is radiated through the skin at 3 to 50 microns with the greatest output at 9.4 microns. Occasionally the infrared energy in our body tissue needs a boost to insure healing and tissue repair. The body will selectively absorb infrared to boost a tissue’s infrared energy. This process is called resonant absorption. Far infrared rays are completely safe and are used in hospitals to warm newborn babies. When any cell or tissue in the body is exposed to these levels of far infrared heat, response mechanisms stimulate the healing process in the body.


Weight loss & Increased Metabolism

As you relax in the infrared sauna, your body is hard at work pumping blood, producing sweat, and burning calories. As you body increases sweat production to cool itself, your heart works harder to pump blood at a greater rate to boost circulation and this increase in your metabolism could burn calories. This increase in your metabolism will burn calories all while you relax, as well as long after your session ends. A single session in a sauna can potentially burn up to 400 calories!!!

An infrared sauna session supports heat generation raising your core body temperature as it absorbs the heat. Using your infrared sauna can help you eliminate toxins while energizing your body. When making it part of your healthy lifestyle, it may temporarily increase your Human Growth Hormone (HCG) and decrease your cortisol levels. This aids in greater weight loss and overall better health.

In addition to hindering weightloss, toxins we are exposed to in day to day life can make the body to feel fatigued, cause muscle aches and pains, and lead to skin reactions like acne and breakouts. When a fat cell becomes toxic the cell cannot lose the fat. While using the infrared you get the toxins out it will help the fat come off!

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, regular use of an infrared sauna imparts a similar stress on the cardiovascular system as that of running, and regular use may be as effective a means of cardiovascular conditioning and burning of calories as regular exercise.

Temporary Muscle Pain Relief

Using a sauna as an intended part of your healthy lifestyle promotes the temporary increase in blood flow to muscles and may offer relief of some arthritic pain, joint pain, and stiffness.

Muscles overall relax best when the tissues are warm, which provides greater flexibility and range of motion. Far Infrared heat may provide relief of muscle tension by increasing the thermal energy in your muscles. You can even stretch in the sauna if you choose! In doing so you can aid yourself in muscle endurance and recovery.

Better Sleep

Maintaining a cool body temperature is important for falling asleep. It explains why some have trouble sleeping on especially hot summer nights and why it’s easier to sleep when the bedroom is cool and dark. When regularly using the sauna a person is able to hack the body’s thermoregulation process by warming the body in an infrared sauna then allowing it to cool down after.  This quick cool-down speeds up the process for your brain to fall asleep.  The end result is a cool body that’s primed for sleep.

By using an infrared sauna in the evening, you calm your body and mind promoting restful sleep. A calmer mind sleeps better for longer than a restless one.


We are constantly being exposed to environmental toxins such as pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, plastic, flame retardants, phthalates, and more. We are now living in a toxic environment so is there anything we can do to help?

Evidence suggests that human fat tissue is widely contaminated with numerous man-made chemicals including persistent organic pollutants (POPs), which can stay in the body for decades. It can take decades to completely eliminate POPs from the body and in the meantime, they can cause numerous negative health consequences. Even low-level exposure to these POPs can adversely affect the endocrine, immune, nervous and reproductive systems. And we need a healthy immune system especially nowadays!

Since our own fat tissue sits as a storage reservoir for these POPs the best way to remove them from our system is sauna-induced sweating. Numerous clinical studies have shown that utilizing an infrared sauna is able to remove many toxins through sweat. These include but are not limited to, heavy metals, phthalates, flame retardants, Bisphenol A, pesticides and PCBs. Furthermore, the use of a sauna may improve clinical symptoms in patients exposed to mold. Thus, sauna bathing may be a potential strategy to help eliminate toxins from the body. Something that all of us could use living in this toxic world.

Improves Appearance of Cellulite

Since the far infrared radiant heat of infrared saunas increases thermal energy in tissue, it is effective at temporarily reducing cellulite. There is a direct link between the slowing of metabolic rates and the storage of toxins in fat cells. Sauna use and far infrared heat can temporarily increase heart rate and promote a temporary increase in localized blood circulation.  This may reverse the above-mentioned trends towards the accumulation of liquids in the fat cells to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

We also encourage dry brushing to help decrease the appearance of cellulite and increase lymphatic stimulation.

Infrared Saunas and Pain Relief

Our bodies are held together by a web like structure that weaves itself all through the body called fascia. A good metaphor for understanding how fascia plays a role in relaxation is to think of a knitted sweater: if you pull on one string of yarn the entire sweater can unravel. Similarly, as one part of the fascia web begins to relax and unwind, your whole body follows in kind.

With infrared therapy, the infrared wave penetrates 1.5” to 2” into the body stimulating a relaxation response allowing the muscles and tendons to unwind and release tension. The penetrating heat also raises the core body temperature which creates a “false fever” in the body forcing the immune system to spring into action and start making more white blood cells. The result is a reduction in swelling and inflammation, two major factors in easing chronic pain.

In addition, as the infrared heat elevates your core body temperature, capillaries and arteries dilate to increase blood flow allowing more oxygen rich blood to travel to areas of tension and pain. Your muscles, joints, and soft tissue experience relief and healing.

Stress and Fatigue Reduction

Just a few minutes in the gentle warmth of an infrared sauna will help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed.

Visiting our clinic for a infrared sauna as it’s a great time to get away and release any built-up tension and stress. Listen to medication music, perform breathing exercises, or just close your eyes and enjoy the quiet.

Improves Skin

The profuse sweating achieved after just a few minutes in the Infrared Sauna will allow impurities in the pores to come out.  The temporary increase in local blood circulation may help reduce the risk of certain chronic skin conditions.

Infrared sauna skin benefits include rejuvenation and detoxification. The infrared heat penetrates deeply into the skin to accelerate cellular activity and increase circulation to bring more nutrients to the skin and aid in rejuvenation. Through this process, the infrared heat causes sweating, which detoxifies the pores. Sweat is one of the top natural anti-aging remedies as it helps purge dirt, debris, and toxins from your skin. Unclogged pores means less breakouts and a smoother, younger-looking complexion.

When using a sauna for skin care, it is important to remember aftercare as well. The heat from the sauna helps open pores, which is great for detoxification, but can cause pores to clog again if sweat is not washed away immediately. Rinse off with cold water to wash away toxins and close the pores again. Then apply a moisturizer to your skin and be sure to drink plenty of water to rehydrate after sweating.