CCBM Video Library

At Eagle Relief Care Chiropractic we have witnessed the incredible impact CCBM can have on our patient’s lives firsthand–from improving their digestive functions, to relieving the symptoms of their mental health conditions, and beyond. This is why Dr. Jacalyn Amrine is committed to the process of contributing to ongoing research regarding CCBM and its related treatment methods. 

The following video library is a conglomeration of information on a variety of subjects related to CCBM, organized topic-by-topic . The purpose of this library is to offer patients with specific or in-depth questions regarding CCBM a place where they can expand their own understanding of this exciting new treatment method. 

— Structure of the Skull and Primary Respiratory Function

— Anatomy of the Nasal Cavity – Including Sphenoid, Ethmoid, and Vomer Bones

–Pituitary Gland and the Glandular System


— Cerebral Spinal Fluid and Dura Mater

–The Vagus Nerve