Rock Tape

At Eagle Relief Care Chiropractic, we chose Rock Tape as our sole provider of kinesiology tape because we accept nothing but the best for our patients. 

While other kinesiology tapes are used exclusively for rehabilitation, Rock Tape is uniquely engineered to provide benefits for active and recovering athletes alike. With its improved elasticity and proven performance in the heat of competition, Rock Tape is the best kinesiology tape on the market.

Rock Tape helps to treat injuries and improve athletic performance by:

– Reducing Pain: Rock Tape reduces pain from injuries by interfering with pain signals as they are sent to the brain. This leads to an immediate reduction in pain that has led some patients to deem Rock Tape “magical.” 

– Normalizing Muscular Function: When one part of our body suffers an injury, the natural flow of our muscular motion—which normally takes place with great precision—becomes misaligned. Rock Tape prevents the effects of such misalignment and accelerates the healing process by helping our muscles continueto function as if they weren’t hurt.

– Decompressing Swelling and Inflammation: When applied to the skin, Rock Tape causes a “lifting” effect within the layers of our skin tissues, so that our bodies can easily process and remove the harmful by-products of swelling and inflammation.

– Delaying Fatigue: Research has shown that Rock Tape can delay the effects of muscle fatigue, making it a useful tool in rehab situations where muscles are hurting or suffering from low