What to Expect

The procedure is straightforward and causes no side effects. Your Zerona provider will have you lie on a comfortable table on your back. Six lasers will be applied to target areas of fat simultaneously for approximately 20 minutes. You’ll then lie on your front, where the process will be repeated. By undergoing this 40-minute procedure as few as 6 times, you can see quality results in fat loss and contour.

Zerona Consultation

When you decide to take the next step with Zerona you will schedule a consultation. In your one-on-one consultation, we will learn more about you and your health habits, goals, and expectations, so that we may tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs. The number of treatments you can expect in your treatment package will vary based on your individual needs and goals. Depending on your goals we may also combine your treatments combined with supplements and nutritional counseling, to make the most of your results. This varies from patient to patient, but since the lasers open your fat pores and exit through your lymphatic system, the healthier your lifestyle during treatment, the more drastic your results will be.


Once you finish your treatment package, your provider will take your final measurements to see how many inches you lost! They may also take your “after” picture, so that you can see your results side-by-side. Since the Zerona Z6 laser helps you lose actual fat and not water weight, results are permanent as long as you stick to a calorie neutral diet proceeding the treatments. We would love to get a review of your treatment results, and don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts of your results!

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