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Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

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Health Alert: Alcohol Consumption Common in College Students. Interviews with 466 university students revealed that 80% regularly drink alcohol with 33% of males and 13% of females consuming excessive amounts of alcohol on a weekly basis. Public Health Nutrition, November 2020

Diet: Diet Sodas May Not Be Heart Healthy. An analysis of data concerning over 100,000 adults identified an association between the regular consumption of either sugar-sweetened or artificially sweetened beverages and an elevated risk for cardiovascular disease.
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, October 2020

Exercise: One Way Exercise Benefits the Immune System. Experiments with both humans and mice suggest that exercise boosts the metabolism of T cells, making them more active and capable of protecting the body from infection. eLife, October 2020

Chiropractic: A Link Between Headaches and Tinnitus? Questionnaires completed by 286 tinnitus patients revealed that nearly half (49.3%) also experienced headaches, most commonly the migraine or tension-type variety. Past research has shown that cervical dysfunction can play a role in both headaches and tinnitus, which doctors of chiropractic can address with a combination of manual therapies and specific exercise recommendations. Brain Sciences, October 2020

Mental Attitude: Tips to Create a Positive Mental Attitude. The American Psychological Association of Graduate Students offers the following tips for crafting a positive attitude: never stop encouraging yourself; surround yourself with positive people who will inspire, motivate, and encourage you; turn off the news occasionally; learn ways to control your emotions; look for opportunities in bad situations; empower yourself and others with positive language; and make healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercising, a regular sleeping routine, and a healthy diet.

American Psychological Association of Graduate Students, October 2020

Wellness/Prevention: Vitamin D and Renal Cancer. Following a review of data from nine published studies, researchers estimate that individuals with low vitamin D status may have up to a 24% increased risk for renal cell carcinoma. Journal of the Brazilian Society of Urology, November 2020

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